Ugly Imagination

I'm a dorky, bitter, unusal, immature, 2o something old with an ugly imagination.


I consider this blog a little bipolar

The posts can vary from happy/sad, funny/serious, and altogether random.

So please keep in mind this can change very quickly (lol).

My brother bagged a normal is engaged to an incredible lady and they asked me to be their bridesmaid! I’m way too excited. It’s a given that I’ll balllllll at the wedding but it’ll be awesome.

Classic Battyman Figures.

I’m excited for the Sims 4 just because we get an aging cowplants! I’m kind of over the toddler thing… kind of.

I need the face of boe collectible in my life. They’re so expensive and there’s no way to justify it but… it’s so awesome.

As I was browsing online for more stuffs to collect I realized this is pretty much my life. *face palm*