Ugly Imagination

I'm a dorky, bitter, unusal, immature, 2o something old with an ugly imagination.


I consider this blog a little bipolar

The posts can vary from happy/sad, funny/serious, and altogether random.

So please keep in mind this can change very quickly (lol).

Are we pretending you’re not falling for her?

Okay. I’ll play.


So… an elder husband and his young adult wife woohoo and unfortunately he can’t keep up!? I giggled a little too hard when I saw that moodlet! Who thought of that. Give them a raise!

My brother bagged a normal is engaged to an incredible lady and they asked me to be their bridesmaid! I’m way too excited. It’s a given that I’ll balllllll at the wedding but it’ll be awesome.

Classic Battyman Figures.

I’m excited for the Sims 4 just because we get an aging cowplants! I’m kind of over the toddler thing… kind of.