Ugly Imagination

I'm a dorky, bitter, unusal, immature, 2o something old with an ugly imagination.


I consider this blog a little bipolar

The posts can vary from happy/sad, funny/serious, and altogether random.

So please keep in mind this can change very quickly (lol).


The Ages of Multiplayer

Haha! SoooOoo true. “The Watch Others Stream Gameplay Age” fuels jealousy a.k.a I can’t afford this game right now so I’ll watch you play.

Watching an entire episode of Big Bang Theory.

SOoooOooo proud of myself for getting 15 minutes in and not rage quitting … and then I realize I’m missing Community. *Le sigggh* I guess I`ll DVR the 12:00 repeat.


Bob’s Burgers amigurumi by SmileFelt

Yup, it’s ON now.

(via gamefreaksnz)

Beasts of the Southern Wild (USA, 2012)

Blubbbbbered through the entire movie. I never used to be this emotional, or better yet has a movie just never been this sad.