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I'm a dorky, bitter, unusal, immature, 2o something old with an ugly imagination.


I consider this blog a little bipolar

The posts can vary from happy/sad, funny/serious, and altogether random.

So please keep in mind this can change very quickly (lol).

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I agreed to go hang out tonight… but the regret is too strong right now. created these incredible figures!! I would give all mine away just for these. Maybe not my Doctor Who ones but everything else is fair game. =P


Have you ever noticed how closely walnut halves resemble human brains? Bilbao, Spain-based designers Ruth and Sira Garcia made deliciously macabre use of that resemblance with their awesome series of Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts. Each grinning chocolate skull features an exposed brain made of walnut or candy.

Visit the project’s Behance page for additional images.

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My toy box a.k.a my ran out of room on my shelves cause I seriously need to stop buying stuff box.


So… an elder husband and his young adult wife woohoo and unfortunately he can’t keep up!? I giggled a little too hard when I saw that moodlet! Who thought of that. Give them a raise!